Get your clutch fixed quickly!

When your vehicle is having trouble with its clutch, come and see us. We’re the experts in manual transmission repairs of all kinds!

 If the issue is just your clutch, you could be back on the road much sooner than you might think. We repair clutches quickly, often in as little as 1 day. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Trust our experience

Nobody knows more about clutches than we do, because we’ve been working on all makes and models of vehicle since our founding way back in 1993 – more than 20 years ago.

Choose the certified team

–  ASE Master Technicians

–  ATRA certified

–  Allison Transmission certified

–  And many more!

Turn to us for all kinds of work

You can trust us for more than just speedy work on your clutch. We’re also the experts in transmission repairs. If you work is major enough, you could be eligible for FREE pick-up and delivery!

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