Shift Kits

What is a shift kit?

A shift kit is an aftermarket part that will increase the efficiency of your transmission and make it easier and faster to shift between gears. They’re available for both automatic and manual transmissions.

Shift more easily !

Your transmission works hard to help your vehicle shift between gears, keeping your engine healthy and saving you money on gas by making sure that it doesn’t turn to quickly or too slowly.

It doesn’t have to do that job by itself! Speak to us about a shift kit today, and improve your vehicle.

Bring us any vehicle today

Our technicians are certified by Allison Transmissions, ASE, and ATRA, so we know all there is to know about automatic and manual transmissions on all kinds of make and models. Bring us foreign and domestic vehicles of all sizes and shapes, and let us improve your performance!

Be treated right by the local team

You’ll save big when you turn to the local and family owned team that’s backed by more than 20 years of experience. We offer FREE pick-up and delivery services for major repairs!

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